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The following aren't specific to psychology, but they still are pretty darn funny

Subject specific links

Exploring Psychology: The site was designed to "a multimedia enriched, web-based laboratory manual that provides the end-user with a variety of hands-on laboratory practicals, (both local and hyperlinked), data simulations, and demonstrations." - Phobias: A list of hundreds of phobias and their meanings.

PsychCentral: Provides a large list of psychology resources including a links to a comprehensive database of U.S. psychology schools, a link to a dream interpretation site and an ecopsychology site (I didn't even know there was sucha thing)


History & Systems

Sensation and Perception Links

Gestalt Psychology Links



Sleeping and Dreaming

Language (mainly animal language)

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive and Psychological Sciences: A Cognitive Science site. Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the mind in which Cognitive Psychologists, Computer Scientists, Linguists, and Philosophers participate to solve common problems.

CogSci Librarian: Find out about popular news stories about Cognitive Science and the intersection of CogSci, Communication Science, & Library Science.

Cognition and Memory - Summer 2004

Connectionist Implications for Processing Capacity Limitations in Analogies

Beautycheck - Home: Very interesting website on the psychology of beauty/attractiveness. It also provides an opportunity to participate in real research on beauty.

Mixing Memory: Like many blogs (including my own), this cognitive science blog hasnt been updated for quite a while. However, the content that is posted on the blog is still worth reading.


Warning - I was not able to find a website that presented this information more simply than I did in the lecture.

Research Methods


Creativity and Innovation

Creativity enhancing resources


Creative things

Creativity and Innovation groups/associations/institutes/businesses

Physio and the Brain


The Brain

Pseudoscience & Fraud

Examples of Pseudoscience Websites

Psycoloquy: Site for the discussion of psychological issues brings the listener more-or-less weekly interviews with fascinating practitioners who work in and around the broad field of psychology. David has another interview podcast series on topics in Mental Health, Wellness and Psychotherapy called, “Wise Counsel”.

Student Resources


Reading Journal Articles