Lectures on .mp3

During the semester, I will be recording my lectures, converting them into .mp3 format and posting them on Oakland University RSS feed. These lectures are also available for download on iTunesUniversity (Look in the Oakland University section under Psychology).

The .mp3s will contain my lecture.  However, they will not contain recordings of in-class demonstrations, in-class discussions, or films.  Even though the powerpoint handouts for the lecture will also be posted, the mp3s should not substitute for attending class.


I know how difficult it is to keep track of your syllabus throughout the semester so I have provided you with a virtual syllabus. Now when you misplace the syllabus you can just follow this link and either print a new copy for yourself or save a few trees and just refer to your virtual syllabus every time you want to know what's going on in class that day/week/month.

Lecture Outlines

These are the PowerPoint outlines of the lectures given in class. Some students find it useful to print out the outlines and bring them to class to act as an organizer for note taking. Other students find it useful to use the outlines as a study guide for an upcoming test. Some students just like to know what topics will be covered in class that day. However you decide to use these outlines, be advised that they are NOT to be used as a substitute for class attendance. They are only outlines and, as such, will be missing important information such as demonstrations, specific examples, and (most importantly) DETAILS.

Practice Tests

I frequently get asked about the nature of the questions on the tests or the material my students are expected to know. These practice tests will give you some idea of the types of questions I will be asking. Not only will they help you prepare for the test, they might also give you an idea as to the material you still need to study.

Writing Assignments

On this page you will find guidelines, the current paper topic and the deadline for turning in each of the weekly writing assignments.


You will need to log into Moodle to access your readings for this class, turn in homework assignments and to find out your scores on the exams and your final score for the class.

Psychology Links

Links to websites that focus on psychological issues.  Given my interests, many of these links provide information on topics of interest to Cognitive psychologists.

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Last updated 9/4/2012